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Physical Infrastructure

The college has all the physical Infrastructure as per National Council for Teacher Education norms. It is run on its own building with a permanent address The college has a magnificent and spacious building. There is a large hall, a library with reading room, staff rooms, class rooms, labs and two store rooms. The institute is growing its facilities at a continuous pace.

Administrative Block of the college has Principal’s Room, an office for the ministerial staff and Management room.

Adjacent to this building complex, there is a spacious ground which is being used for holding other important functions.

There are a number of sections in the main building. On the ground floor there is adequate number of classrooms. The institute has a well-furnished staff room and student’s common room. The college has different laboratories like Science Lab, Methods Lab, and Computer Lab. The Fine Art section has tables for clay modeling and two enclosures for keeping plants and sculptures.

In order to maintain the building of the institute, its whitewashing, painting and repairs are carried out every year. Cleansing and upkeep is carried out regularly.

Use of Modern Teaching Aids & Technologies

A college of education has to keep pace with the latest trends in using technology in the field of teacher education. We have in our possession a large number of modern teaching aids, which are used by the members of the staff. These teaching aids help in explaining various concepts and processes, which are not otherwise easy to explain. Some of these teaching aids are overhead projector, two colour TVs, two VCRs, epidiascopes, Multimedia projector, closed circuit TV system. Apart from these, there is a variety of material like models, cassettes, charts, scientific apparatus and agricultural equipments, which are commonly used for teaching purposes.

Some Additional Facilities

The college has the facility Telephone, Fax, E-mail and Internet for quick communication and information. Besides six inter-com. connections are working in different Sections of the college.

There are two central points for safe drinking water having cooler for students and staff. Toilet facilities are provided at different points in the building. They are regularly cleaned and properly maintained.